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Feature Request

  • Dear customers,

    Thank you for choosing TORANJ WordPress theme for your website. We hope you enjoy the design and features of it.

    Please let us know features you might want. Kindly reply to this topic and share your idea or describe your needs, what do you think that is already missing at the theme?

    We will try our best to bring new feature to TORANJ based on your needs and opinions.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Some feature requests:
    A Fullwidth Layout for the portfolio.
    An Implementation of the WP Search function (i.e. inside the menu)
    A fullwidth top menu WITHOUT the “hamburger icon” (i don’t know why this icon is so popular….) to have maximal width for the content.

    Maybe more to follow……

    Portfolio groups are very powerful, but I would love to see more layouts- particularly something closer to full screen- and the ability to have text on the left bar like you can with gallaries.

    I will like to see 3 level of sidebar menu instead of 2

    To clarify my request- Unless I’m missing something- it would be nice to be able to do sidebar descriptions of portfolios IN a portfolio group- like you can do with a gallery. Even providing the CSS to do so would be helpful. Im aware you can do a sidebar description of the portfolio GROUP but not the individual portfolios on the sidebar.

    “blog” element in visual composer

    Hi guys

    How about having a Lazy load system for Gallery and Bulk Gallery. That way the users experience is better when viewing lots of photos in a gallery. And also makes the loading more smooth.

    Two setting that we must be able to change and will be needed.
    imagesToLoadStart: 25, //The number of thumbnail images to load when it first loads the grid.
    imagesToLoad: 15, //The number of thumbnail images to load at a time when you scroll down past the browser fold.

    A good example of how this works is:

    The ability to have Vimeo/YouTube video’s in addition to still images using the Gallery plug-in so when the user is browsing the gallery with the overlay, the video can be played.

    I would like to be able to change the social icons – or at least their size which is ridiculously small

    Hello, any news about when the next update is scheduled ?.. Thanks

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