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Feature Request

  • Please make also a way to remove user name, date, group from “post grid” and inside “Post”

    Hi, it would be nice to have and autoplay feature for the Double Carrousel Slider so the users don’t have to scroll down or click on the arrows, etc. It should be just like any other regular slider.



    Please can we have news about when the next update is scheduled ?..



    it have one big wish: It would be a great feature, if all pictures (esspecially in the Portfolio item page) have the possibility to set a link and not only a lightbox.

    What do you Think, is a such update possible?

    Best greetings

    Hi, wondering if there is a chance for you to bring automatic scrolling for the Double Carousel?

    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to inform you that we have just released the version 1.4 and it is available in Themeforest now. The main added feature is an option for lazy loading all images in your website. The option can be found in theme option->General tab

    Our next update(v1.5) has been scheduled for two weeks from now and It will have following features:

    1- Linking option for images in galleries ( lightbox, external or internal page)
    2- Autoplay option for double carousel.

    Please do not hesitate sharing your opinion and requested features with us.

    Awesome, can’t wait for v. 1.5. Thanks again!

    I would like to be able to link the whole image at kenburns slider not just the text.
    The configuration text at the backend sounds like it would be like this, but the link will just be around the text caption. But you can manually link the caption if you want to, just little html knowledge needed 😉

    As discussed here:

    Agree with the social icons on the main bar.

    A few things I would like to see.

    1. When going into one of the sub menus, I would like the side bar to stay in that specific sub-menu. Currently it defaults back to the main one and no way to change that.

    2. Page specific menu visibility. On my gallery page it would be nice to have it disappear.

    3. Better social share options. Currently it is a blob down in the corner of a page and having a label would be great. Having it for a specific photo (I am using bulk galleries) would also kill.

    4. Selectable images in a private gallery. Specific projects require me to send out proofs and the client picks from that pile. A private or password bulk gallery is a good start but having them being able to select images and send a report would be fantastic.

    Sorry one last request. Having the ability to turn off the “titles” in bulk gallery. My portfolio items generally do not need this information attached.

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