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Feature Request

  • I would like to display the images of the kenburn slider at a random order.

    Displaying 12 images 5 seconds every image will take 1 minute to display every image and people want to see different images when they visit the page not the same :-)

    Is there any fast solution to implement this via javascript at the moment by default?

    Is there any fast solution to implement this via javascript at the moment by default?

    Hi there,
    No at the moment the slideshow does not support for randomizing images. We will try to add that.


    Agree with Corey, and Leftboot’s last comment!

    Would also like to be able to add a text box to a double carousel (if this is not already possible) and make it easier to add captions to Kenburn sliders that are static rather than float around.

    Love the theme though, it’s beautiful!

    Hi still waiting for the 1.5 update, any chance for a release date?

    Hello there!
    I would like the SubMenu (second level menu) to remain open when I’m on a SubPage (Page of the SubMenu :) ).

    For example, on your demo, if I open the page, I would like to have the submenu (and not the main menu) on the left.


    Contact page one..static map and link to email address


    Can we increase the available social icons?
    In particular I would like to have tumblr and deviantart icons added.

    Option to overlay button or icon on light box.

    Right now I have the icon set to fa-play, but the user has to mouse over the image to see it, which they might not do on desktop, and can’t do on mobile. For photos, a magnifying glass might invite a click.

    Is there a way to do this now? Any workaround?

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    Optional Like (with internal counter) and social Share buttons for portfolio items controlled from Theme Options (OptionTree)

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