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Feature Request

  • Hi js100,

    Thank you for posting in. That’s very mean for us. We will discuss to our developer regarding this feature.


    I have seen that with last theme update (Toranj 1.6 release) bootstrap.css file has not been updated. Toranj is using v.3.1.1 instead of most recent version (today v3.3.5).

    I suggest to update this file for next release.

    Thank you.

    Infinite scroll to portfolio items.

    It would be great if on the double carroussel page style, the images can be clickable and linkable – it’s not really intuitive to have to clic the butttons on the left, especially on mobile devices. Thanks!

    An update to allow linking to individual double-carousel pages would be great.

    This is a great page and whilst I am currently coding this in myself I think it would be awesome to have this put in from the get go. I think people expect pages/divs to be individually linked. Say for example you had a team of 20 people you wanted to present through double-carousel, the final 10/15 people might hardly get viewed by users due to how far out of the way they are to navigate.


    i like the design and style of the Gallery (List of Albums – vertical) and i want to use this design but when click i want to open a specific URL (Blog link or external link), it will be great to have this options.
    thank you

    Hi, i made Kenburn slider as my home page and i would like to link every image on this slider to a post, how can i do that? thank you

    I would like to request “Same Aspect Ratio” for Bulk Galleries please.

    So a bulk gallery of images of different sizes will be forced into a neat grid of rows and columns.

    Thanks very much.

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