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  • I have had something change on my site. Ive attached a screen shot.
    When you go to —> portfolio, and select any project, a NEW WINDOW opens, the “CLOSE” “X” is not displaying correctly, can you tell me why?

    FYI: I had to change the index.html page to default.html

    Hi there,

    We need to see the problem to be able to help you.
    Could you please post an screenshot our a URL to you website?

    My url:

    Go to “portfolio” and select any item, when the pop up window opens the “close” “x” is not displaying correctly

    Hi there,

    It seems working fine.(see the attachment please)
    Could you please confirm if the problem still persists?
    Any detailed information including screenshots would be highly appreciated.


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    I was able to fix the issue.
    My host company requires me to have my home page be “default.html” and that was causing the problem, when I changed the homepage back to “index.html” the problem resolved.

    so i created a “default.html” blank documnet that automatically redirected to my “index.html” page to fix the issue. i dont understand why a default.html documnet would cause that problem?

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