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Page Titles, Positions Widget/Content Box

  • In previous versions, the name of the page, e.g. “Home”, “Contact”, etc. did not show at the top of the page. How do I remove this? It reduces one’s first impression of the page when it says “Home” in big letters at the top of the home page. I don’t need the title to show. I want it to be like it was before.

    Also, there is something wrong with positions module where in some cases, the first two positions are combined to become one. Every time I add a position, specifically the position as seen in the screenshot, it combines with the previous one and this is very frustrating. It is weird because this only happens when I add this specific position. I am assuming that something in the wording of this position or position location is interfering with the template code. I am referring to the Swim volunteer position, just to clarify things.

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    Hi There,

    Thank you for posting in! To help you better with the issue, please provide us the url of your site and access info (if still under construction). It would allow us to easily figure out the problem and provide you a tailored solution to the issue.

    Thank you.

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    Hello there,

    There are various page templates in Faculty. Default page template has the page title, if you need to have to control over the entire page content you must select the “Page builder Template”.

    Please edit your home page and change the template to “Page Builder Template”.

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    Hello There,

    We have investigated your site. Please try to check for a plugin conflict. A plugin may have caused the sliding of the content from working. You can try to deactivate all your plugins and activate them one by one. You will know which one is causing the problem if it works.

    We’d like to know if a plugin conflict has caused it.

    I tried deactivating all of the plugins I possibly could – no difference. Please suggest other ways to fix this. Thanks.

    Also, when I try to use the front-end visual composer for the research page, it is all messed up and components of my page are randomly deleted everytime I update the page with a new change. Please help.


    Please open a separate topic for each one of your questions, Unfortunately we can’t follow you when you ask at the same topic. The topic content should be related to your topic question.

    Also, it would save us significant time at your support process if you could send your questions with sufficient information followed by some screenshots or live URLs.

    Thanks a lot.

    I’ve three major questions?

    1. how to remove title from home page and other pages?
    2. How to reduce or remove page margins or padding in homepage… I wan to use maximum space of home page for various things.
    3. how to change dp image window from circle to rectangle or square of our own choice?

    Please help

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