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Resizing Menu Font

  • Hi, guys. I’m trying to make the main nav font larger and more readable and am absolutely stumped. All of my other edits to the stylesheet took, but this one will just not. Can you help me make the main menu font larger and thus more legible for my site

    Thank you very much!

    Hi there,

    Add this code to your custom css option at theme options or your child theme(if any)

    #navigation > li > a {
      font-size: 16px;

    Change the 16px to anything that you want.

    Please let me know the result.

    Hi, and thank you for the swift response. I changed the font size specification to 25px by inputting that code into the custom css among the theme options. No change though.

    Oh, wait. I just put it directly in style.css now, and that changed it. Thank you!

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