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Single page template ?

  • Hello,

    Can you show me a clue how to create single page template?

    Thank you.

    Hi there,

    Terme has little bit different design and functionality. A single page would be a page with only one main section but the problem will be in navigation. You will have to adjust the functionality of menu to handle regular navigation between pages using normal links.

    The best way to handle that is adding a class to navigation menu like “normal-nav” for a single page and then in JS/custom.js on click event handler add an if statment for detecting navigation state and act based on that.

    If I recall correctly you are trying to convert Terme to WordPress. For personal usage it might be possible but generally a WordPress theme needs to have some basic functionallity of WordPress like pages, breadcrumb and blog which we don’t have in Terme.

    Hello Ehsan, OK Great! Will try that. Thank you for the explanation.

    Yes, indeed, I’m trying to convert to WordPress theme.

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