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Vertical Bar

  • Hello ,

    Could anyone please help me with something .

    I am trying to understand how the Vertical Bar works . Could anybody tell me is it a javascript based on JQuery or anything else , could anybody please write 2-3 rows of info about it ? And could you point the direction to the file in the js folder of the website .

    Thank you in advance .

    Hello there,

    Sorry for late reply. It’s just few JavaScript line which you can find in “JS/custom.js” file. Search for “//Vertical bar charts”:

     //Vertical bar charts
            var windowHeight=$(window).height(),
            elem.waypoint(function() {
                    var percent=$(this).attr('data-percent');
                context: demandPage.find('.inner-wrapper'),
                triggerOnce: true

    Basically it increase the height of each bar based on provided data-percent attribute.

    Let me know if you need any further details.

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