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Vida bugs

  • 1. team member – number xxx – Image1
    a. fast clicking to last (4th) member
    b. it goes up to 6th member (6/4)
    c. go back to 3rd member
    d. now go to XXX member… you can click as much as you want…

    2. team member – image scroll – Image2
    a. maximize browser window (chrome)
    b. then resize it few times
    c. scroll team member down

    2nd bug is not showing in internet explorer (tested chrome, firefox and ie)… only IE resets to first team member when window resized and it doesn’t have this bug…

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reporting. Both issues will be fixed in next version. It will be released in next 48 hour.


    Thank you…

    Please notify when released… also you can send it to my email… [email protected]


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    did you fixed it?

    One more bug… in contact form you cannot use “space”…

    Please fix this asap :)


    Hi there.

    The new version has been submitted and we are waiting for the approve from Envato team. You should receive an email notification when it got approved.

    Entire page crahses when:

    1. go to contact form
    2. start typing in “message” part
    3. go to “portfolio-item.html” – ajax pages
    4. press “space”

    and one more thing…

    In contact form – “space”…
    works in – opera and IE
    doesn’t work in – chrome and firefox

    Please check this asap and send new update…


    space works in chrome only when resized to mobile version, but this doesnt work with firefox…

    Contact forms works in all major browsers, you probably missed something during the update so please check the original package. if it couldn’t be resolved provide a link to your online demo So I can check it please.

    I didn’t get the first question, what do you mean by go to “portfolio-item.html” and press space ?

    hm… I’ll check about update… maybe I missed something…

    portfolio-item.html – that means…
    1. go to contact and write something in “message”
    2. go back to vertical portfolio (personal version)
    3. there you have Jessica with short description… click on View
    4. when ajax “gallery” page – portfolio-item.html – is opened then press space on keyboard

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