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Vida bugs

  • Ok thanks for that for description. It’s look like a gaming scenario to me :)

    It actually never happens in real usage but you can unfocus those inputs if you are worried about it:

    open assets/js/custom.js file and following line:

    onSlideChangeStart: function(swiper,direction){

    Add following line right after it:


    please check this video (it will be alive in few minutes, still uploading)…

    1. gallery images – 0-9, not 1-10 please check this… current should be “current+1”
    2. checked all updates and everything is ok, but space still doesn’t work in chrome and firefox…


    Added that line that you suggested and page now won’t colapse when pressed space… thank you for that fix :)

    Hi there,

    You can adjust that gallery counter in same assets/js/custom.js file:

    search for following line:

    $("#blueimp-gallery .counter-current").html(index);

    and replace all occurrence with :

    $("#blueimp-gallery .counter-current").html(index+1);

    Regarding contact form, your websites works fine to me in IE,Safari,chrome and FF in both windows an mac.

    P.S: you got quite good looking website and very nice audio. I liked it :)


    Vertical gallery is not working well in Mobile. Image is opening when you try to scroll up/down. Can you please tell me how to fix that. Most of my users are mobile based, and its so annoying.


    This is the way that we are presenting in our demo if you need another behavior you should either customize it yourself or hire a developer to do that for you.

    As it says in item’s support tab:

    Item support does not include:
    Customization and installation services
    Support for third party software and plug-ins

    thank you for compliment :)… that’s croatian national music… “tamburice” :)…

    numbering now working fine…

    i figured out why it’s not working, and why it’s not showing on your pc…
    it’s because of resolution… screen resolution on my laptop is 1366×768… and it doesn’t work… it works on normal pc, but it doesn’t work on laptop/notebook…
    hope you can fix it soon :)…

    Bug fixed (maybe not fixed, it’s better to say avoided)… It was screen resolution issue… Just remove single contact line (address, phone or mail and it works :))

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